Some changes to the blog!

Hey readers!

It’s Joe here and today I am going to roll out some minor yet important changes to my blog!

First, the name will change! I personally think “Code/Linux/ElectronicsTips” is a bit too…complicated. Now it will be just JDTechTips, referring to my name: Joe Dai. Hope you like the new name! Anyway, the domain is still the same, just a simple change of name*.

Next, small change, but the permalink format has changed! Basically, links went from this: (including month) to this: (simplicity is key…). I did this because nobody needs to know the year and month of the post! It just makes links long. It’s also simpler for sharing 🙂

Additionally, I’ve added a newsletter! You’ll receive my new posts and sometimes some exclusive content. The emails will go out weekly, so your inbox won’t get spammed 🙂 Click here to subscribe! For cautious viewers: I will not spam you, sell your email (heck, I don’t even know how to :D), etc. etc. You can unsubscribe at any time!

Well, that’s it for now!

As usual, upvote (and share!) if you liked the changes :), downvote if you didn’t 🙁 and comment down below for suggestions, questions etc. etc.

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ScreenFetch – A Better Way to Post System Info!

Hello readers!

I know I haven’t posted in well…forever, but I am quite busy for the last couple of months / a year, so yeah (#LameExcuse, sorry :D).

[  About  ]

Anyway, today I found this Linux package called ScreenFetch. Basically, you run it and it will display your OS, kernel and system information (plus a logo of your distro :D).

It’s meant to be used for bug reporting / debugging purposes. It definitely saves the time of looking everything up ( uname -a, free -m etc.). I think it’s a pretty cool (ASCII art :D) / useful tool for debugging and problem solving.

Here’s a screenshot of what it outputs on my server.

ScreenFetch Demo[  Installing  ]

Here’s how you install it!

Add the repo (click [Enter] when it tells you to*), update your lists, and install! I just love the Linux package manager, Windows is so annoying in comparison:

Then, when you need to, run it, and take a screenshot!**

Well, that’s it for this article! Thanks for reading, and hope this helps someone!

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